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How to create a demonstration of your project.

Recording desktop

Always make sure there are no important private or such documents in the view

  • desktop
  • browser profile (history, auto-complete)
  • files anywhere in $HOME, in /tmp/ and other places that can turn up (in ls, auto-completion, in Save As or Load GUI buttons)
  • on-screen-display notification from various other programs like messengers, emails
  • therefore just using a separate system user (e.g. linux user), or dedicated computer, for recording - is often wise


At first start recording time: xclock -d -update 1

Start program gtk-recordmydesktop (open-source, in debian repo since deb7 or earlier).

The program icon is in traybar ("next to clock").

Configure it:

  • video-quality to 40 (or between 30 for graphics to 60 for small text or details)
  • sound-quality: disable sound (usually)
  • advanced - performance - frames per second 24 , encode on the fly ON , zero compression ON
  • advanced - misc - reset capture area to OFF (could help when recording again second segment of part of screen)

Then with mouse select window, or draw rectangle.


  • start record. The rectangle icon means it is RECORDING.
  • to stop record - press LMB on the program icon in traybar; red-circle icons means not recording
  • to pause for a moment - RMB on the program icon, the pause icon means it is paused, again RMB to continue

Recording with camera

Android phone as video camera recorder

TODO - how to move the file (over USB)

TODO - how to transcode / re-encode the video file - if it is huge

Editing video


An o.k. video editing software (Linux, Debian8 or before in repo)