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CORONAVIRUS ALERT! If you want to protect yourself here is the info :

Hello! PeerFreedom promotes digital security and decentralization - we provide services you can use for free, we collect knowledge in this wiki, we create free programs and programming libraries.

We are very open group of users and developers: you do not have to behave in any polite way nor follow any political or other views to join our open-source development or join our community, and absolutely anyone can use our open-source products (neutral politics), of course would be nice if you can be friendly but you do not have to - see nCoC.

All Pages

List of all topics is here:

Peer Freedom


Peer Freedom is a movement that promotes Internet freedom by decentralization, and provides tools to support usage and development of new peer-to-peer networks.

  • promotion of cypherpunk topics: free information, freedom of speech and expression, protection from censorship
  • support of practical cypherpunk freedom: own finances (Bitcoin), own Internet (meshnets), own systems and hardware, DIY devices
  • servers and services for our community and for others - email, peertube
  • creating code, developing
    • including C++ PFP library for general p2p like programs


We do not really need any CoC ("code of conduct") since rules are simple:

1. All that matters is merit.

2. We are all adults. Capable of having adult discussions (like among friends, relaxing in a nice 1990's bar). In virtual-reality /ignore works for most things, usually only spam, doxing or threats call for more.

3. We don't know who you are. In fact, we don't care, so don't tell us.

You do not have to be "very sensitive" nor have some correct political views to talk to us, just do not be a total asshole conducting real personal attacks and such.

Also, this is just for using some of our services or talking to our small social circles - for anything else, including using software made by us that is Free and Open, you can be asshole, we don't have power to stop anyone and do not wish to.

This is a modified version of No Code of Conduct


Various services that we offer for our users and for anyone - hosted by us or our friends.



  • C++ developer - use proper linker settings Cpp/Linker
  • C++ developer - other topics in Cpp/Card

For Developers

All topics focusing on developing (writing computer programs, including firmware, webpages, and related topic)


  • problems - large list of common problems and solutions, mostly error messages, related to software, C++ and misc


  • English - to avoid repeating silly typooos.

Supporting PR

Developer's work related to "public relations" - that is presenting our creations.

  • Demo_making - how to create video, demonstrations, of your programs, of our tools

Power users

A bit more advanced topics for some users

Bitcoin topics


Linux shell, SSH, VM tips

Linux networking

Debian tips

Firefox tips

Postfix tips

External bugs

  • Extbug - report here bugs that we found in OTHER projects (EXTernal BUGs)


  • Gitlab - things connected with GitLab


  • Cygwin - main POSIX command line
  • MinGW - main compiler collection



This wiki

  • Wiki - about hints, administration, etc for using Wiki systems - mostly MediaWiki, for eg. how to enable syntax highlighting for source code

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.


Knowledge about various electronical hardware, computers

  • Machine - various Machines (mostly normal desktop/server computers: laptops, PCs) - ways to repair them, mod them, secure them (electronical)


Knowledge about various general programs, especially computer applications for regular users.

  • Mumble - about proper using our main voice communicator
  • Signal - about proper using our main mobile communicator
  • Plumble - about proper using our secondary mobile voice communicator


Ideas how to organize various work and actions.

Quick QA

Where to ask various communities for help related to development and such.


What places in general exist where you can find answer or ask.

  • IRC (by Xchat etc):
  • Mailing lists (ML via email) -and- News groups(NNTP) - via web readers, email, and NNTP clients



  • #bitcoin on
  • bitcoin-wizards for people who know how to ask good questions, high-quality, low noise, pro channel. do not ask general questions only for cryptography if you know already a lot!


  • NNTP/ML - address ??? TODO-TX
  • forum ... ??? TODO-TX
    • certain coins (e.g. zcash for ZK?)
    • Bitcoin forum should be excellent for Secp256k1 questions if you manage to get attention from it's crypto developers
  • p2p foundation forum?
  • reddit ...
  • dark forums of