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vterm - virtual terminal - VT1 - TTY1 are the terminals that usually start on Linux and are displaying text.

You usually switch to this display by keyboard ctrl+alt+F1 (also +F2 gives other consoles, usually console number 7, that is ctrl+alt+F7 gives you the console that by default changes to video mode and draws "normal graphics mode").


Back in rearly PC days (up to... 2005?) VT were pure text, that is the video card was set to real VGA text mode, e.g. 80 characters in 25 linutes of ASCII text. All characters have identical width/height so form a text grid (kind of like "monospace font"), e.g. 8×16 pixels per character was the normal. Normally you had 16 or 8 colors for the text and same number for the background.

DOS by default used 80×25 character, 16 color mode.

Later on, Linux more often runs there Frame Buffer which is a simple VGA/SVGA like mode that could draw any graphics (though still it actually renders only text there). It allows fore more than one of 256 characters to choose from (e.g. unicode) still limited to same width/height.


Change color of colors

There are 16 colors, like e.g. "yellow", "blue", "white". Each of this colors has some RGB value. E.g. color "blue" can be made more bright, or much more bright, or any other value.


echo -en "\e]PC2b4f98" #blue

TODO@TX TODO@blacksmith ...

Use FB

Framebuffer mode (so VGA/SVGA mode of graphic card) is the default for most linux systems as of 2020.

Use text mode

Using true VGA text-mode e.g. 80×25 text, can be set by some boot options. Probably e.g. kernel option vga=... .

Larger font

If the font is too small ...

... fbcon .... ? to set it

... /etc/.... ? to permanently set it ...

Smaller screen

Screen / display is too big? You can start tmux program and divide it ctrl-b-% ctrl-b-".

Adding real margin e.g. X lines/columns on sides was NOT available (didn't found a solution as of 2020.06) for this (would be nice to have such option in kernel driver). = tmux