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Download from both:

1) Bitcoin (dot) Org (enter link into URL yourself)

2) Bitcoin Core (dot) Org - also check in Wikipedia/forums what that page is about, is it trusted


gpg the_checksums_file.asc (or .sig)

gpg --import-key keyfile.asc (or .asc)

Do you trust that GPG key? At least write it down, but better ask friends, or ask them to sign it - is it same keys that years ago?

1) Do we trust GPG key of bitcoin maintainer? 2) check is checksums file signed correctly and by key we trust 3) check if the file has the has as written in checksums file


Create user e.g. srv_btc.

chmod 700 ~ (protect your home dir).

Get the bitcoin download (and verify it fully).

Unpack it, e.g. to ~/bitcoin-version/bitcoin-0.17.1/

Link ~/bitcoin-version/bitcoin-0.17.1/ to same ~/bitcoin/

Start it: ~/bitcoin/bin/bitcoin

Kill it (Ctrl-C).

It created ~/.bitcoin/

Edit (create) ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf

and put there optionnaly some, or all, of following lines:

daemon=1     # needed to run in background (otherwise we need to run it in nohup)
prune=1000   # will use only this much MB (e.g. 1000 MB) of disk space, plus UTXO and misc data that is around 2 GB, assume up to 5 GB.
proxy= # to use via tor, need local tor node, on this IP:port

wallet=wallet.dat # load this wallet (this is the default)?
wallet=wallet-friends.dat # load ALSO this wallet if you want more wallets to separate funds (privacy, legal reasons etc)
wallet=wallet-work.dat # also this wallet

# TODO default format address: bech32


Using specific wallet bitcoin-cli --rpcwallet=<wallet name> <command>


bitcoin-cli --rpcwallet=wallet-rob-notary-use getnewaddress



that is all since you configured the option (daemon=1).

Put that in cronjob -e or otherwise have it start at system start or soon after.

You might want to run it in nice and ionice

nice ionice -c 3 ~/bitcoin/bin/bitcoind

Check status

Get new address to receive

Send to an address