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Mumble is open source voice communicator. We are using it because of advanced voice activity detection and information safety.


At first run of the application, we must configure our preferences about audio input and output. Of course, we can edit configuration in Mumble.

Accord with informations at Audio Tuning Wizard:

Screenshot from 2020-01-30 18-03-42.png
Screenshot from 2020-01-30 18-04-18.png
Screenshot from 2020-01-30 18-04-56.png
Screenshot from 2020-01-30 18-05-16.png
Screenshot from 2020-01-30 18-05-45 (copy).png
Screenshot from 2020-01-30 18-06-17.png
Screenshot from 2020-01-30 18-06-33.png

This configuration is best for headphones with microphone integrated with controller in cable (close to the mouth), specifically Snab Overtone EP-101bt

After this you must make your own certificate (instruction at Creating own certificate)

Joining the server

Server -> Connect.. -> select continent -> select country -> select server -> insert your username and join server

Our server is located in Europe, Poland. It's name is serwer Mumble.

Changing configuration

Go into Configure -> Settings...

Now You can change interface, audio in/out settings and many other options. We suggest changing Echo Cancellation to Mixed.

Creating own certificate

Configure -> Certificate Wizard... -> Create a new certificate -> insert username and email -> next -> insert name of certificate and "save as..." -> finish.

Setup microphone

If you have some strange noises using you microphone you can try following steps - or see Mumble microphone settings.

  1. Run audacity - to test quality of sound (record and play back)
  2. Run alsamixer
  3. Change random settings in alsamixer and test mic in audacity

Example working alsamixer settings


Setup microphone in Mumble

Sometimes Mumble can do more to fix audio quality (noise, hiss/buzz in background) - using following options (in Mumble - PC version, e.g. on Linux) :

Go to configuration - Audio Input - Audio Processing:

  • turn on the option RNNoise, it helps with hiss and noise
  • set Noise Suppression to middle or high (e.g. to -40 gB or -60 gB). It seems to remove some types of noise from your voice. Too high can make voice very unnatural.
  • perhaps lower Max Aplication e.g. to just 1.0 (otherwise it can increase background noise from mic)

also in configuration - Audio Input remember to set Compression - Quality to e.g. 24 kb/s or more (64?) otherwise voice will be not natural and even harder to understand.

Give your certificate

You must know your own fingerprint (Mumble generated a certificate for you, find out what is the fingerprint of it).

On PC/Linux in Mumble - click on your nick (in the server users view) left-click, from menu select Information, there should be button like "Details", it has "Digest" on bottom in the text box - copy "Digest (sha-256)" for example (ctrl-C works if you click on that line, even if selection is not visible). We recommend to send your mumble cert fpr in a pgp-signed email to admin of the server and then ask for permissions. Also, first, register your nickname on server (there is easy button there... or else the admin can as well do it this also works good).