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Plumble - we are using it in replacement of Signal for mobile devices.


Just downlowad it from mobile store.


Go to Settings -> Audio ->

  • In detection threshold it should be about 55.
  • In Microphone Volume it should be about 30%
  • Audio Quality 48000 Hz.
  • Input Quality 40000 bps.
  • Audio per packet 20 ms.

Also you need certificate like in Mumble. You can use Mumble generated certificate or create new.

To make new:

  • go to Settings -> Authentication -> Generate Certificate

Certificate will be automatically saved in internal memory in dir "Plumble".

If you want to use Mumble certificate, you must copy it into Plumble dir. Then go into Plumble

  • settings -> Authentication -> Certificate file

Plumble will automatically search for certificates, so you just choose certificate.


Press adding button (cross in up right corner) and insert your own name for this server, domain/ip adress, your username and password (if it's needed by admins). After connecting to server, above the app, you can see microphone and speaker. With this buttons you can mute yourself or all server mates. Below this buttons you have bookmarks: Channel and (after swiping finger left) Chat. Channel allows you see other people (active) at the server, Chat is only to writing global on server.

You can make new rooms, but, without admin permission, it will be temporary (if everyone exit this room, it will be destroyed).

To change channel press arrow on the right of channel name.