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We recommend following settings for Thunderbrid email client.


If you have one of our email accounts like @peerfreedom, then see EmailCig1 .

Disable HTML emails, use plaintext

Thunderbird disable html.png Thunderbird nohtml 2.png

By the way it contains the setting for Forward-as-attachment (as described below), check that option as well.

Forward as attachment

Reason: because then you forward also all meta-data/headers of the email (good e.g. for security/authentication for legal emails)

Thunderbird forward as attachment.png

Check this option in global settings (see images above).

Cjdns notice

Thunderbird cannot add certificate exception to an IPv6 server connected via its IP due to bug.

You can fix that, by adding fake hostname in /etc/hosts, and using it as server address.

For example:

fc8b:7aa7:e2bf:c82b:4fa3:57a4:de2a:52a3         somename

And then use somename as server address in Thunderbird.

TOR usage

It is recommended to use TorBirdy extension to connect via TOR. There is instruction here.

It also can be achieved by setting manual proxy as localhost:9050 SOCKS v5 with DNS Proxy.

To do that do to Preferences -> Advanced -> Network & Disk Space -> Connection Settings, and then:

Manual proxy configuration:

SOCKS Host: localhost 
Port: 9050


DNS Proxy when using SOCKS v5

How to use ISO date format

If LC_TIME is set to en_US.UTF-8, for example, the date format will be "MM/DD/YYYY". If wanting to use the ISO 8601 date format of "YYYY-MM-DD" set environmental variable before starting Thunderbird:


Source [Arch Wiki 2020-04-23]